Various activities to develop solid leadership are organized in tune with the KCSL motto:Faith,Study and Service.Cells and Diocesan units are free to organise groupactiviteis one a week in the sprit of KCSL Constitution.Some of them are prayer groups ,Bible study forums active participation in holy mass and holy communication, maintenance of christain school atmosphere etc to reinforce FAITH.

Weekly study circle,study of encyclicals and ecclesiastical documents,regular study habits,participation in quiz clubs,debating clubs speakers’forum,literary training forum,publication of manuscript magazines,Gospel enquiry and social enquiry forums,etc.to develop STUDY habits.

 Unselfish service to help the poor and the weaker section by way of help in study,supply of dress,books,medicine,etc.,maintain discipline and decorum,expansion and use of library facilities,environmental cleanliness,group activities against drug and social evils in and around the school,visiting the sick and needy, organizing social service/work camps,leadership training,ventilates social injustices,helping the needy in natural calamities etc.include in our SERVICE.

The destiny of india is being shaped in her classrooms.’As reported by the Kothari Commission (1966) ,’It is not mere rhetoric’.Education determines the level of prosperity, welfare and security of the people as well as the values of the society. KCSL helps the nation to bring up students who are value oriented and responsible.It helps the members for peaceful coexistence

In the spirit of secularism and to grow up being aware of the national needs.It also tries to supplant the drawbacks in education and to foster leadership traits and hardwork among the students through various activities.

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